Friday, November 26, 2010

About JSF

I have been using JSF for at least 5 years I think. And here I am thinking how can I make my menu item, which is a JSF component, to open up its link on a new window. I know I should check the reference document and there is probably an attribute for it but that seems too much hassle. I could have set the target attribute on a standard html anchor.
There is always an answer with JSF but it's not always as simple as it should be. Like validating (or not validating) a component could be a problem. Is it immediate ? Which form the component and the button is in ? Is ajax used ? You should consider these or your button may not work or the user may see unrelated validation messages.
I believe JSF is still good for apps where you need to process good amount of input from users, show some fancy ajax UI easily where otherwise you have to deal with JS.
The question is can't these all be simpler ?

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