Tuesday, January 10, 2012

QMass M1

It has been a while since I wrote anything on QMass. Here are the updates :
  • Grid now tries to persists it's values, asynchronously, on given databases. Currently MongoDB is the default but this would be pluggable.
  • I have tried various scripting languages for the console. I was not very happy with Groovy because it had too many dependencies and kind of a overkill for my needs. I replaced it with "JavaScript" which is by default available with sun JDK6. Not 100% happy though since it may not be available by default on other platforms.
  • To minimize the dependencies I moved to java.util.logging from log4j and commons-logging. I replaced the commons-logging with a little module I named 'yala', which stands for 'yet another logging api'. My two cents to java logging hell...
  • Since I release less often, from now on I decided to name my versions as M1, M2 and so on...

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