Thursday, January 31, 2013

After the Management 3.0 Event

I had the chance to join the Management 3.0 by Jurgen Appelo event organized by Scrum Turkey. Thanks to Barış Bal, for organizing such a rare event in Ankara, my company, Innova, for sending me there and old friend Mert Çalışkan for sharing the event photos.

What is it about?
For me It was about the agile approach to management with focus on the people. Not just getting things done and profiting  but also while getting things done, making the people who do the work happy and proud.

What did I learn?

  • I should read about the "Delivering Happiness" model of Zappos.
  • Sharing the bonuses? You must learn how the ING, Second Life shares the bonuses. Jurgen has an article on this called "Merit Money". Join his mail list to read.
  • Lots of people complain about the 360 evaluations but doing the exercises showed me that it's not actually that bad. Maybe the problem is how you implement it.
  • Whatever you do get feedback and get it as soon as possible. Make things in iterations.
  • "Fight complexity with complexity" this could be my new motto working for corporate's where there is a lot of  bureaucracy. 
  • I knew that marketing is important but now I realize that I should be thinking on It a lot more than I currently do. Would you call your book Management 3.0 especially if it does not have a predecessor?
  • This is something that I actually got from the people I met. People doing Scrum have generally hard time to tell the customer to wait for the next sprint. Some suggested that KANBAN could be actually better which got me motivated to reading more on it.
  • How much effect the word "urgent" has effect.
  • Intrinsic motivators: I guess I am a curious person :)
  • Lots of good reads. I already started with the "How to change the world".

More thanks to
People who shared the table with me for the 2 days :)
our happy team

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